About Je Suis Flore

Je Suis Flore is a handmade Jewelry label from the Netherlands. We believe in the power of statement jewelry pieces and small accessories to make any outfit complete and feel more beautiful.

Read on to discover the full story behind our brand!

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9am–5pm CET

The founder and head designer of Je Suis Flore is the Dutch Floortje van Cooten. As a kid, Floortje was always creating jewelry and selling it to friends, family and even a small web store when she was just 11 years old. You can imagine that the passion for jewelry was in her blood. Growing older, Floortje studied Fashion Management and started her own blog Floortjeloves. Up until today, this businesswoman is writing on this platform about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle every day.

However, blogging was not enough for Floortje. In summer 2018 she decided to make her dream come true and start her own label Je Suis Flore. The idea is simple: creating jewelry for everybody, to make life a little more beautiful.

When sipping on a glass of rosé in Cannes, the name and idea were born. Floortje is passionate about France. The elegance, the people, the food, the wine and of course the language. It is an easy guess that the name should have something French, but also something with her own name. The name also needs to have the possibility to be anything. At this moment, for example, the brand is all about jewelry, but who knows what comes next. Je Suis Flore was born and is everything Floortje stands for, likes to do and loves to wear. As she says herself, this can be anything. From big statement earrings to the small bracelets to finish off a look. Each item is unique and made with love and special care.

The first collection came out mid-August 2018 and was called Florentine. This collection is an ode to summer and her mom Clementine, who also gives Floortje the nickname Florentine. A great collection to start a beautiful brand with!

“Since I was a kid I am creating jewelry. Starting Je Suis Flore is a dream coming true.”

Thank you all for taking the time to read the story behind my baby Je Suis Flore. Since I was a kid I am creating and selling jewelry, so starting Je Suis Flore is a dream coming true. I hope we can make life a little more sparkly with our jewelry, because everyone needs to feel that way. I sincerely hope you will love our collections and wear the items with as much love as we make them for you.

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