Red Coral Necklace

Red Coral Necklace


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To keep up the summer vibes, our red coral necklace is the ultimate piece to wear. Layer it with our baby coral necklace to make your summer look complete!

Slechts 1 resterend op voorraad

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When you think about summer, you think about corals. It is the perfect color to cheer up any summer city or beach outfit with. The best thing? We have a whole range with coral jewelry. Now you can really elevate your look and make it your own.

Our red coral necklace is made with a XL-sized polystyreen coral, hanging in a net of gold. This long necklace is made out of different colored green and gold beads and is laced on a pink cord. The dancing polystyreen pearls are giving a playful effect to the necklace. Layer this long necklace with our baby coral necklace or combine it with the coral earrings. The more the better!

* Product may vary a little bit in color, size and shape because it is all handmade

About The Collection

The first collection of Je Suis Flore is called ‘Florentine‘. This is an ode her mom, Clementine and the nickname she always gives Floortje; Florentine. It is also an ode to summer. No matter if you enjoy the French Riviera, the Italian coast or a holiday at home; the jewels are made to wear as a statement and cheer up any outfit.

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