Red Single Bracelet

Red Single Bracelet


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This red single bracelet is the perfect piece to combine with the other bracelets from our collection. Mix and match them to make it your own and show your style.

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To personalize your armparty and share your style, you can easily start by mixing and matching our single bracelets. Every season we add different colors and combinations to our collection, so you can change by the weather or your mood.

This red single bracelet is combined with turquoise and pink beads, and has two tiger eyes with a pearl in the middle. Tiger Eye has a protective power against bad influences from the outside. Wearing our red single bracelet everyday can help you in hard times. It will give you the power, courage and trust you need. It also works against a common cold and to relieve stress. Next to that, it is of course a lovely accessory!

* Product may vary a little bit in color, size and shape because it is all handmade

About The Collection

The first collection of Je Suis Flore is called ‘Florentine‘. This is an ode her mom, Clementine and the nickname she always gives Floortje; Florentine. It is also an ode to summer. No matter if you enjoy the French Riviera, the Italian coast or a holiday at home; the jewels are made to wear as a statement and cheer up any outfit.

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Red, White, Gold, Pearl


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